Skin Care / Facial Services

After an initial consultation, our highly trained, licensed estheticians will customize a facial treatment that addresses all of your skin care goals. This also includes anti-aging facials, men’s facials and HydraFacials that deliver deep moisture through nourishing serums to your face, neck, hands, and décolleté. 

Essential Facial Treatments

Essential Facial Treatment$105 / 50 min
This treatment begins with an exfoliation and deep cleanse. A soothing, therapeutic facial mask delivers essential vitamins, powerful antioxidants and nutrients deep into the skin’s surface restoring skin and resulting in a healthy glow. Skin will be softer and brighter after one treatment.
Aloe & Mango Soothing Facial$110 / 60 min
Designed to promote the general health and appearance of skin, this calming treatment begins with gentle exfoliation and cleansing. A soothing mask is applied to calm irritation and replenish lost nutrients, improving the skin’s natural immune response to free radical damage. This treatment is especially effective in relieving the symptoms of rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and severely dry and sensitive skin.
Signature Transformation Treatment$110 / 60 min
This treatment resurfaces and removes dead skin layers, while targeting repair of individual conditions that are age related, including lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and breakouts. A soothing, therapeutic facial mask and hand treatment accelerate skin rejuvenation by delivering essential vitamins A, C, and E and powerful antioxidants and nutrients deeply to help restore skin to its natural healthy balance. Skin will be soft and brighter at once.
Eucalyptus Clarifying Facial$110 / 60 min
A deep cleansing treatment that exfoliates damaged skin cells, unclogging pores and allowing active ingredients to penetrate deep beneath skin’s surface. A purifying mask is applied to deliver additional vitamins and nutrients resulting in a brighter, clearer, more even complexion.
Acne Facial$110 / 60 min
Specifically designed to calm, clear and clarify oily and/or acneic skin types. After a gentle but thorough cleansing and exfoliation, a calming mask is applied delivering soothing corrective products to and below the skin’s surface. Extractions may also be performed if desired.
Pre-Teen Facial$110 / 45 min
Designed for our younger clients, this treatment includes cleansing, mild exfoliation, a soothing mask and special moisturizers. All products selected by the esthetician are suitable for our younger client’s age and skin type. A wonderful introduction to healthy skin care.
Dermaplane$50 / 30-45 min
The esthetician will use a very fine, sharp blade that removes dead skin and hair from the face. This service is recommended every 3-5 weeks.

Men's Facials

Men’s Essential Facial$90 / 45 min
This facial treatment restores a fit, smooth skin texture. Following a neck and shoulder massage to ease away everyday tension and stress, skin is deep cleansed using natural AHA ingredients that work together to mildly exfoliate congested skin helping to remove surface oils while killing bacteria and reducing inflammation at the same time. Calming Mask will detoxify and draw out impurities as well as deposit moisture in the skin’s surface. An application of powerful antioxidants are applied to stimulate collagen production to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Age Defying Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 30 protects skin from damaging rays and future skin damage.

Anti-Aging Facial Treatments

Advanced Age Defying Facial$110 / 60 min
This dynamic treatment resurfaces dead, damaged skin cells to open pathways for the nourishing benefits of the SGF-4 technology. These powerful natural skin nourishing proteins restores depleted, damaged cells to a more vibrant youthful condition. Collagen is stimulated, fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and filled out to give a smoother appearance and skin tissue becomes instantly firmer and toned. Results are dramatic after one treatment.
Ultimate Age Defying Facial Ritual$140 / 90 min
Using the latest advanced ingredients, this treatment exfoliates the skin and plumps fine lines and wrinkles, evens out skin tone and brightens the complexion. Specialized serums are applied to work beneath the skin’s surface to nourish skin tissue, repair damaged cells and stimulate collagen production resulting in increased skin firmness and radiant glow. A luxurious and and arm treatment as well as a lifting eye treatment complete this decadent and relaxing ritual.
The Back Facial$160 / 90 min
This unique treatment targets the face, back and feet areas working to enhance deep relaxation and stress reduction. First we will treat the back with our warming glow body oil to create deep heat to relieve muscle tension, a gentle exfoliating scrub and moroccan rhassoul clay will be applied to detox and cleanse. While you relax we will perform a relaxing foot and ankles massage and finish with our resurfacing facial to give your skin an instant vibrant glow.