Skin Care / Facial Services

After an initial consultation, our highly trained, licensed estheticians will customize a facial treatment that addresses all of your skin care goals. This also includes anti-aging facials, men’s facials and HydraFacials that deliver deep moisture through nourishing serums to your face, neck, hands, and décolleté. 

Essential Facial Treatments

Essential Facial Treatment$115 / 45 min
This treatment begins with an exfoliation and deep cleanse. A soothing, therapeutic facial mask delivers essential vitamins, powerful antioxidants and nutrients deep into the skin’s surface restoring skin and resulting in a healthy glow. Skin will be softer and brighter after one treatment.
Signature Transformation Treatment$130 / 50 min
A transformative facial customized to address skin conditions related to acne, aging, hyperpigmentation and dry or sensitive skin. A non-inflammatory sugar cane based exfoliant dissolves dead skin layers, while restorative antioxidants and a hand selected clay-based mask for your skin type are applied to fight free radical damage, detoxify and repair the skin’s protective barrier. Treatment is finished with SkinSuit to prevent signs of aging due to screen and wireless device exposure, UV, heat and pollution. Skin is visibly improved and left smoother with a translucent glow.
Soothing Hydration Facial$125 / 50 min
A restorative treatment provides instant hydration and replenishes nutrients, leaving the skin toned and revitalized. Ideal for any skin type while benefiting sensitive, rosacea, dry, irritated and hormonally depleted skin. The skin barrier is nourished and protected by providing a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to gently repair and renew damaged cells. A nourishing mask works beneath the skin’s surface. Skin nourishing proteins repair and firm the skin tone for a more hydrated and glowing appearance.
Clarifying Facial$125 / 50 min
Teens as well as adults can say “goodbye” to blackheads and congested skin and “hello” to healthier and clearer looking skin. A non-inflammatory sugar cane based exfoliant dissolves the source of acne and breakouts while a medicated, calming mask heals and reduces inflammation and redness while restoring natural moisture balance. Topical Probiotics help increase skin clarity, normalize pH balance, and combat the appearance of inflammation, breakouts, and large pores. Skin is left smooth and calm.
Brightening Antioxidant Facial$135 / 60 min
Turmeric and Blueberry extracts combined with exotic dry oils address discoloration, hydrate and restore balance to environmentally depleted skin. An infusion of topical immune supporting Vitamins C and D and a Spirulina mask, rich in amino acids and minerals, firm and lift skin for a luminous, refined skin tone. Peptides paired with an antioxidant cocktail of vitamins B5, C, D, E and K act to protect, brighten and hydrate the skin from environmental aggressors while Vitamin K and Arnica naturally brighten and tend to dark circles around the eye area. To finish, SkinSuit is applied to prevent signs of aging due to environmental exposure to screen and wireless devices, UV, heat and pollution.
Luxe Age Defying Facial $135 / 60 min
This advanced facial stimulates collagen and plumps fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother, firmer and more toned appearance. A non-inflammatory peel exfoliates damaged surface skin cells for increased absorption of the nourishing benefits of patented SGF-4™ technology. These powerful, body-natural proteins work to improve cell activity for increased volume and skin clarity. A luxurious blue-green algae and Rosemary infused mask is applied to firm and smooth the skin.
Pre-Teen Facial$115 / 50 min
Designed for our younger clients, this treatment includes cleansing, mild exfoliation, a soothing mask and special moisturizers. All products selected by the esthetician are suitable for our younger client’s age and skin type. A wonderful introduction to healthy skin care.
Men’s Resurfacing Facial$115 / 45 min
This facial treatment restores a fit and smooth skin texture. Following a neck and shoulder massage to ease away everyday tension and stress, skin is deep cleansed using natural, non-inflammatory AHA ingredients that work together to exfoliate congested skin to remove surface oils while killing bacteria and reducing inflammation at the same time. A calming mask will detoxify and draw out impurities as well as deposit moisture into the skin’s surface. An application of antioxidants and SkinSuit are applied for maximum protection from environmental aggressors and to prevent signs of aging due to screen and wireless device exposure, heat and pollution.
The Back Facial$150 / 50 min
A deep cleansing back facial uses a bamboo and ginseng scrub to smooth and brighten the skin while a detoxifying clay mask purifies pores. Skin nourishing vitamins and Avocado, Cardamom and Bergamot oils brighten and reduce muscular tension. While you relax, we will perform a relaxing foot and ankle massage using warm compresses to ease tired, aching feet.
Dermaplane Deluxe$115 / 45 min
This unique facial begins with a deep cleanse followed by PCA Skin's Detoxifier infused with pumpkin seed oil, allowing for a nice slip during the dermaplaning. The Hydrating Toner is then applied to refresh the face and remove any remaining skin debris. An Enzymatic Treatment is massaged into the skin along with a serum that will leave your skin hydrated and glowing.

Facial Enhancements (can be added to any facial service)

Dermaplane$50 / 30 min
Instant Eye Lift$25 / 5 min
This instant eye lift will tighten and firm the delicate skin tissue around the eyes while smoothing lines and wrinkles. An eye cream with Vitamin K, Arnica Green Tea and Olive Oil is applied to stimulate circulation, reduce puffiness and hydrate tired eyes, leaving them refreshed and awake.
Firming Neck and Décolleté Lift$45 / 10 min
Reverse signs of aging on an overexposed neck and décolleté. Our unique treatment resurfaces dry, dead skin cells while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. A spirulina mask paired with nourishing natural body proteins lifts and firms the skin on the neck and décolleté. Treatment is finished with SkinSuit protection to prevent photo aging caused by indoor and outdoor environmental aggressors. Skin tone is smoother, more even and signs of aging are visibly improved.
Hydrating Lip Plumper$25 / 7 min
Exfoliates, softens and plumps the lips to soften and smooth fine lines on the outer lip area for a fuller, more voluptuous look. Finished with SkinSuit protection to prevent photo aging caused by digital screens, wireless technology, UV and pollution.
Illuminating Hand Brightener$25 / 10 min
This treatment uses the proven power of glycolic acid to eliminate dull, dead and dry skin build-up on the hands, reducing the appearance of unwanted age spots and leaving them soft and hydrated. SkinSuit protects hands from the damaging effect of full light, including light used to set nails, as well as UV, screen light and pollution. A single treatment will produce visible results and is an excellent introduction to home care. A series of three treatments spaced 7-10 days apart is recommended to achieve accelerated results.