Mississippi hospitality.

At Aqua the Day Spa, we take your relaxation seriously.

For more than twenty five years, we have been delivering services that rival the best spas around the world in our gorgeous Ridgeland, Mississippi location. Our goal is for you to visit us, unwind and have an experience that fills you up and renews your body and soul.

Drink in the luxury.

When you arrive for your spa services, you are greeted warmly and taken back to the relaxation area, where you’re given a spa robe and slippers and access to lockers to store your belongings safely while you relax. From there, you are brought by your service provider to one of our eleven private spa treatment rooms or to our luxury spa manicure and pedicure area to enjoy your services.

After your day of luxury is complete, we have a steam room available in the women’s area, and we always have cucumber lemon water, hot tea and spa snacks in the relaxation area to enhance the experience. If you’re having multiple services, we can even arrange for a spa lunch to make sure you’re nourished in every way.

On your way out, stop by our boutique to pick up your favorite product from the day’s services, or any of our other luxury items, including bath salts, throws, pajamas, loungewear and other items that help bring that spa-day feeling home with you.

Let the Aqua experience wash over you.

We believe that acts of care are acts of love. They’re the things you do for your family, your friends, and even for yourself to show that your wish for their happiness and health is sincere and enduring. Our professional staff will strive to make sure that we exceed your expectations.

We welcome you to come visit us. Allow us to take away your stress for an afternoon, and to fill you back up with a level of service and care that everyone should enjoy.